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Blue Light Control Lenses


Yes. Its Possible.

Our patient had started working on computer for her post graduation projects and her digital screen time (Laptop and mobile) was about 12 to 16 hours daily, yes you read it write.!

She had no glass prescription but she kept on complaining of dryness, watering, strain after few hours of work and headaches all around.
On assessment of history, we came to know that she was having a little lesser food recently and had reduced her sleeping hours due to her projects. So for this we counseled her take proper food and try to have a good amount of sleep i.e. of about 7.5hrs to 8hrs a day as sometimes cause of headaches are lack of sleep and a sudden decrease in the intake of food.

Also, as she was working on digital screens for a lot of time, from the eye perspective we recommended her 2 things:

1. 20 –20-20 Rule – to reduce digital eye strain – Rule is after every 20 minutes of computer use, look at a distance 20 feet away and blink 20 times.

2. To wear Blue Light Control Lenses – to avoid chronic damage to eyes from the harmful blue rays that is emitted from the digital screens, as she was using them too much. These 2 things worked for her fantastically and she is using these BlueBlock Lenses for 1 and a half months and she feels a difference in terms of comfort and now we will see her after a year.


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