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When Distorted Optics meets Binocular Vision: Lessons from Keratoconus | OOLS |

Dr. Shrikant Bharadwaj, an optometrist, educator, and a well-renowned researcher begins by explaining the importance of binocular vision for human being and the components help us in day to day life. He elaborates on the anatomical and stimulus requirements for binocular vision. He discusses how interocular differences in image quality can affect binocular vision, especially in special cases like keratoconus.

Dr. Bharadwaj explains what is keratoconus in brief and lists the challenges the human brain faces in individuals with one keratoconic eye. He focuses his talks on visual consequences of having keratoconus with different forms of corrections:

1. Optics for keratoconus (16:48)

2. Image quality (21:02)

a. Image quality for keratoconus (22:33)

b. Clinical consequences of distorted optics (26:18)

3. Visual function in keratoconus (24:05)

a. Measurement of visual functions (35:22)

b. Monocular and binocular visual acuity (37:36)

c. Contrast sensitivity (40:55)

d. Stereoacuity (41:55)

4. Visual functions improvement with contact lens wear in keratoconus (43:05)

a. Visual acuity with CL wear in keratoconus (44:00)

b. Contrast sensitivity with CL wear in keratoconus (45:12)

c. Stereoacuity with CL wear in keratoconus (45:22)

After explaining the visual functions for patients with keratoconus, Dr. Bharadwaj points out the increased optical distortion is the primary cause of loss of visual function. His lab group also looked at the reason for poor stereo acuity in keratoconus patients. Lastly, he concludes with a summary of the talk. The session ends with a Q and A for the live audience.


We conclude the session with some very interesting questions from the live audience.

Watch the complete session below:

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