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Toric SCL -Teaching versus Practice. How to achieve an ideal fit and vision? | OOLS |

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Lakshmi Shinde, informs us about the subtle nuances between teaching the soft contact lenses(SCL) toric and practicing the SCL toric. She summarizes the basics, which include astigmatic focal planes, prevalence of different astigmatism types, and different design considerations. She details the key points that the educators must keep in mind while teaching about the SCL toric and comments on the common aspects of confusion for students and practitioners alike. She explains the different stabilization techniques used in toric SCL by individual brands and how these can impact vision and comfort for specific patients. She also explains the thickness considerations of the toric SCL. She discusses in depth the fitting methods and makes a strong case for using empirical fitting for toric SCL in today’s world.

Lakshmi Shinde details the toric SCL fitting process, pitfalls, and the unique lens rotation considerations to keep in mind for the toric SCL. She enlists the likely difficult toric SCL cases and their management for practitioners and educators alike. Then, she goes on to talk about the current changes in the prescribing trends, especially the shift in mindset needed to prescribe low cylinder lenses. In the end, she presents cases to help review the challenging decisions that we see in practice, and the educators should warn their students about it.


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Toric SCL for less than 0.75 Cyl

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