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The Practical Side Of #DryEyeManagement – Just Get #Started. How to do it? | OOLS |

Marietjie Cilliers talks about the practical approach of dry eye management and initial screening procedures that help practitioners identify patients with dry eye problems. The prevalence of dry eye is almost one in three individuals, and this number is rising with the increase in digital screen usage. She emphasizes that as an eye care practitioner, it is crucial to understand that this is a problem for both young and old patients. She talks about how to ensure that the patient understands that dry eye management is outside the comprehensive eye exam. During the comprehensive eye exam, it is advised to perform just the following necessary tests.

  1. Lifestyle screening questionnaire: DEQ-5 or OSDI or SPEED questionnaire

  2. Tear break-up time – during the slit-lamp examination

  3. Staining patterns – Normal staining patterns & lissamine green staining

Miss Cilliers elaborates on all these tests and informs about how to determine if a patient is a dry eye suspect.These tests allow the practitioner to establish the need for a dry eye workup. The dry eye workup involves an array of tests to help classify what type of dry eye the patient has and what could be its potential causes. Miss Cilliers talks about the importance of differentiating the dry eye tests as a separate examination. To drive the point home aboutthe importance of dry eye management, she talks about a case of Steven-Johnson Syndrome.Dry eye management can significantly impact patient lives and should be actively practiced by every eye care practitioner. She ends the session with an interactive question-answer segment, which focuses on various aspects of dry eye management.


Visiontryst’s Practical Guide to Anterior Segment Conditions – By MarietjieCilliers


OSDI questionnaire app

App Store:

The guide to dry eye grading – By MarietjieCilliers

Dry eye management training series


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Watch the complete session below:

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