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Soft Multifocal Contact Lenses. Do presbyopes have many options? | OOLS |

Mr. Rupam Sinha, a practicing optometrist, begins by telling us the importance of informing presbyopes of multifocal contact lenses (MFCL). He outlines the need for MFCL by talking about the aging population with active lifestyles. We learn about the different changes in the MCFL designs over the years as the needs of patients have changed.

The key to understand MFCLs optics is to differentiate between the workings of multifocal spectacles and MFCLs. To achieve this, we witness a demonstration of the principle of simultaneous vision optics as perceived by the human brain. Following this, we learn in-depth of different aspects for fitting MFCL successfully as listed below:

1. Lifestyle needs for MFCL (11:24)

2. Functional vision (15:02)

3. Dominant eye test (18:16)

4. RISONS – a pneumonic for steps to get a successful fit (21:37)

Mr. Sinha tells us about the different follow-up schedules and talks about troubleshooting for distance vision and near vision. We learn about how to fit contact lenses for the presbyopic patients that are not successful with the initial few MFCLs.

The session is summarized by listing the top ten tips for fitting MFCLs. The importance of an initial trial lens fitting guide for MFCL is made clear with a few tweaks for different functional vision requirements and pupil sizes.

Lastly, Mr. Sinha provides us with some essential tips for using eyewear during COVID-19 times. In the end, we conclude the session with a Q and A session with the live audience.



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Watch the complete session below:

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