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Self Regulated Learning: An Essential 21st Century Skill. How to do it? | OOLS |

Mr. Babu Noushad, an optometry educator, begins with stressing on the importance of self-regulated learning in all aspects of one’s life. Is IQ enough to summarize our success capacity? Mr. Noushad busts the myth that IQ scores define success. He leads on to explain what factors of human memory systems. We learn about the sensory memory, working memory, and long-term memory. The information in our long-term memory gets stored as schemas. We learn in detail about the cognitive schema with example.

After understanding how memory works, we understand how we learn information. Mr. Noushad shows us the difference between a student who understands information in class and a student who doesn’t understand the information in the same class. A student needs to be a self-regulated learner. We talk about how we can undergo self-regulated learning. The cycle of self-regulated learning includes:

1. Plan and set goals

2. Use strategies and monitor performance

3. Reflect and adapt

We learn some strategies to improve our learning. Motivation is an essential factor in self-regulated learning. This session includes competence, autonomy, and relatedness as crucial factors to keep oneself motivated. Lastly, we conclude with a Q and A session with our live audience.



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Watch the complete session below:

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