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Scleral Lens Aberration Control Optics for 6/6. Can we achieve that? | OOLS |

Dr. Chandrashekhar Chawan, a practicing optometrist and contact lens specialist, begins with stressing the importance of improving the vision to 6/6 with scleral lense using aberration control optics. We review some of the ocular conditions requiring management with scleral contact lenses.

Following the introduction to ocular conditions, we learn about the basics of aberration, which includes spherical and chromatic aberrations. After understanding the aberrations, Dr. Chawan talks about the E-centricity/asphericity of the human eye.

He elaborates on the normal and abnormal values of E-centricity. He also mentions how E-centricity can be used to mask the irregularity of the corneal surface. Lastly, he focuses on the various aberration control factors to consider for 6/6 vision in scleral lens patients. The session is concluded with an intense Q and A session with the live audience, discussing all the advance contact lens options available for patients.

Watch the complete session below:

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