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Photography of the Anterior Segment. What techniques are most efficeint? | OOLS |

Dr. Thomas Arnold begins by talking about how he started with anterior segment photography in practice. He mentions that anterior segment photography not only enhances patient care but also can be a significant contribution to the learning for the optometric community.

Most of the photos can be captured using mobile phones, with the essential factor being the stabilizing of the camera. He walks us through some of the privacy laws and how to manage these photos to ensure that they remain secure. He talks about the vignetting as a problem with amateur photography and specifies how an eye care practitioner can easily avoid it by changing the magnification. He also shares with us how free photo apps can be used to enhance the quality of the photography.

Dr. Arnold recommends the use of slit lamp cameras if the resources are available. However, he also informs us about equally good options other than buying a new slit lamp. We learn in detail about the technique (19:13) that should be used to achieve the best outcomes for anterior segment photography. He also specifies the importance of using a diffuser for the full eye photograph.

Dr. Thomas Arnold then shifts focus to talk about macro photography, and he mentions the type of camera to use with the additional accessories that may be needed. He continues to explain the importance of f-stop and other settings. He shares his custom settings for macro photos (28:20) and demonstrates how to avoid getting the image of the flash on the eye. Lastly, he talks in brief about editing the photos to enhance them.

He ends his talks with an important message that ‘all editing is possible after the image is capture except for focusing,’ so the photographs must be focused when clicked. We have a live Q & A session with him in the end, during which he provides some more practical insights.


Products mentioned in the talk – OOLS or the speaker have no financial interests in any of the listed products

Magnifi Adapter for Iphones

Carson Hookupz 2.0

Phone Dock

The Magik Eye

iON Imaging System

iSlit Lamp by EyePhotoDoc




Watch the complete session below:

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