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Patient Requirements and Expectations. How to serve our patients well? | OOLS |

Mr. Ob Malope, an optometrist, speaker, consultant, and author, asks us how our practice stands apart from the other local practices. To understand how to improve our patient services, we first need to answer who are our patients. We learn in detail about the following points:

1. Current patient trends (10:29)

a. Patient should find meaning for something important to them (10:50)

b. Quality and value (12:14)

c. Patient should have a journey of self-discovery (13:20)

d. Treat every patient as if they are very important (15:10)

e. Listen to your patient and understand them (17:50)

f. Show the patient how they will benefit from your product (19:25)

2. Patient choice versus your attractive appeal (20:40)

3. Defining your value proposition (26:15)

a. Patient information form (26:47)

b. Lifestyle and Leisure (31:22)

c. Working Environment (35:25)

d. Visual challenges and a case history (36:42)

4. Changing strategies (38:18)

5. Patient Goals (48:07)

6. Operating on a higher level of excellence (55:17)

Lastly, we talk about a list of activities that practitioners can implement to provide patients with the red-carpet experience.

We conclude with a Q and A session with the live audience




Watch the complete session below:

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