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Novel Contact Lens Surfaces to Enhance Comfort. What factors are affected ? | OOLS |

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Dr. Vinod Maseedupally covers a multitude of points during this talk such as contact lens (CL) discomfort definition, classification of its causes, CL surface properties, CL surface coatings, and new material surfaces. Dr. Maseedupally begins the talk with the definition of CL discomfort and explains different critical points along with the broad classification of causes for discomfort as per the TFOS workshop on CL discomfort. He leads on with a brief introduction of the CL materials particularly how silicone hydrogels and hydrogels differ. The talk then introduces the surface properties/characteristics including friction, wettability and surface deposition.

Vinod further elaborates on methods of determining contact angles (advancing and receding) on material surfaces including Sessile drop, Captive bubble and Wilhelmy plate techniques. He then discusses surface deposition with emphasis on differences between the hydrogel and the silicone hydrogel lenses.

Dr. Maseedupally, briefs different ways surfaces can be modified to improve comfort, focusing primarily on surface coatings. He elaborates on how the coatings have been used over time to enhance CL surface designs, mainly reducing friction, depositions, and improving wettability. Lastly, he explains in depth the novel technique to modify contact lens surfaces including, layer-by-layer assembly, grafting hyaluronic acid and Proteoglycan4 (PRG4), polymerising Dimethylacrylamide (DMA).

We end the session with a question and answer session that further discusses the clinical implications of modifying lens surfaces for better comfort.

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Watch the complete session below:

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