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Marketing Strategy for Optical Industry in the Middle East. Useful Tips. | OOLS |

Dr. Yazan Gammoh, a practicing optometrist and a leading industry expert, begins by telling us that all optometrists are also business persons. Since we mostly follow-up with the products that might be most beneficial to our patients, it is our duty to be well aware of the markets. There have been a constant increase in the worldwide contact lens wears and different contact lens technologies. To be successful optometrist must keep themselves updated with the recent trends.

We learn about the practicing style across the world and how it can impact one’s practice. We understand in detail about the contact lens markets in various Middle Eastern countries:

1. Jordan (17:05)

2. Iraq (19:05)

3. Lebanon (19:52)

4. Saudi Arabia (21:19)

5. United Arab Emirates (23:29)

After understanding the market trends and consumer awareness of the different Middle Eastern countries. Dr. Gammoh briefly informs us about how one can grow their practice in the Middle East. He focuses on the requirement of an all-rounded approach, including social media platforms, appropriate optometric skills, proper infrastructure, etc. We also learn that consumerism is at an all-time high and people are also very price-conscious. He highlights that in the Middle East local culture and practices should always be respected and products should be tailored suit the population demands. For example, in the Middle East, contact lenses are not only a medical device but also a major cosmetic product.

We should use this to our advantage in our practices. We review some marketing tactics that can be used to be successful. Lastly, we go through some of the responsibilities of an optometrist practicing in the Middle Eastern region including the local laws and regulations. In the end, we conclude the session with a Q and A session with the live audience.



IACLE Module Building a successful contact lens practice:

Watch the complete session below:

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