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Law relevant to Optometrists in INDIA | OOLS |

Optom. Rajesh Wadhwa, a practicing optometrist, and an educator begins explaining why do optometrists need to know the law. He stresses the importance of not being scared of the law by simply understanding and knowing the current laws the govern our profession.

He quickly explains how the optometrist must have an understanding of the important legal challenges which include the following:

1. Constitution of the establishment (08:45)

2. Labour laws (12:25)

3. Intellectual property rights (16:26)

4. Compliance of direct taxes (income tax) and indirect taxes (GST)

a. Direct taxes (income tax) (18:40)

b. Indirect taxes (GST) (22:18)

5. Allied and healthcare professions bill (27:35)

6. Scope of practice (36:40)

7. Consumer Protection Act – 1986 (38:10)

a. Medical negligence (39:15)

b. Deficiency of service (39:30)

c. Professional misconduct (39:42)

d. Unfair trade practices (39:54)

e. Vicarious liability (40:02)

8. Professional law (45:55)

9. Telemedicine law (46:50)

The session ends with a Q and A session for the live audience.

Watch the complete session below:

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