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Interpreting the Shades of Grey - A course on Perimetry. Stepwise look. | OOLS |

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Dr. Priti Kamdar, a practicing ophthalmologist and a glaucoma specialist, begins by explaining the reasons for when eye-care practitioners should perform perimetry and some tips on how to perform the test better. She informs us about the fundamentals of perimetry:

1. Perimetry principle (08:11)

2. Apostilbs and Decibels (9:38)

3. Threshold (11:09)

We learn about the important questions that we should ask ourselves when we see a perimetry report to analyze it. We understand the reasoning why these questions should be asked and how it can improve our practice.

1. Which machine has been used to test? (13:42)

2. Which test is being used?

a. Patterns (17:06)

b. Strategy (19:30)

c. Thresholding (21:56)

3. Which eye is the test? (31:13)

4. Is it a correct patient? (32:46)

5. Is the test reliable? (36:21)

6. Is the field normal? (43:44)

a. Understanding the Glaucoma Hemifield test (01:02:18)

b. Anderson’s Criteria (01:08:21)

7. If abnormal – is it an artifact or a field defect?

a. Cloverleaf pattern (01:14:58)

b. Rim scotoma (01:15:27)

c. Homonymous hemianopia (01:15:53)

d. Bitemporal hemianopia (01:17:29)

e. Arcuate scotoma (01:18:14)

We conclude the session with some very interesting questions from the live audience.

Watch the complete session below:

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