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Interesting Soft Contact Lens Applications. How does it work for Migraine? | OOLS |

Dr. Caitlin Morrison, a practicing optometrist, begins with listing the common uses of soft contact lenses (SCLs), including refractive errors, multifocal lenses, and monovision lenses. Initially, we learn that we need to be aware of the different SCL, know which labs can manufacture them for us, and we need tools to assess corneal shape. Dr. Morrison dives right into the uncommon application of contact lenses, as listed below:

1. Migraine Relief (8:34)

2. Seizure Prevention (13:34)

3. Color deficiency (17:10)

4. Dyslexia (18:56)

5. Light Sensitivity (22:20)

6. Reducing disfigurement (36:13)

7. Correcting Diplopia (43:13)

This session was followed by a Q and A session with the live audience.

Watch the complete session below:

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