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Glaucoma Evaluation - Part 2. Advanced IOP Measuring and Gonioscopy. | OOLS |

Dr. Arjun Gokani, the head of the glaucoma department at KEM hospital, Mumbai, begins by informing us about the recent advances in Intra-Ocular Pressure measurements as listed below:

1. Rebound Tonometry (01:58)

2. Dynamic Contour Tonometry (05:30)

3. SENSIMED Triggerfish (10:17)

After we learn about the new IOP measurement techniques, Dr. Gokani talks about gonioscopy. We learn about the theory of gonioscopy optics. Then, we are informed about the different anterior chamber angle structures. He talks about the various types of goniolenses. Shaffer grading system is the easiest way to score the angle structures. We also learn about specific techniques used in gonioscopy when the patient has certain conditions.

Lastly, we review some clinical scenarios that practitioners may see in their day-to-day practice.

1. Iris processes (25:30)

2. Peripheral Anterior Synechiae (PAS) (26:24)

3. Angle recession (27:36)

4. Hyphema (29:20)

5. Foreign body (29:47)

6. Neovascularization of the angles (NVA) (30:35)

7. Blood in the Schlemms canal (32:30)

The session is concluded with a Q and A session with the live audience.

This session is a continuation of Part 1 -

Watch the complete session below:

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