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Five Techniques to Enhance your Eye Examination | OOLS |

Dr. Frank Eperjesi, a practicing optometrist and an optometry educator begins by listing the five tests that he believes can significantly enhance eye examination in your practice. He starts directly with the tests:

1. Bruckner test (05:00)

2. Finding the optimum correction for astigmatism (11:50)

3. Controlling accommodation without using drugs (18:45)

4. Prescribing for the far distance (28:35)

5. Modified monocular indirect ophthalmoscopy (34:45)

He concludes by stating that though these techniques may not be a solution to every problem in the clinic, they can be very helpful when it comes to certain issues. We also hear about the other resources that Dr. Eperjesi has created to help eyecare practitioners enhance their skills. The session ends with a Q and A session for the live audience.

Watch the complete session below:

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