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Eye Health and Safety in the Workplace. What are the important rules? | OOLS |

Dr. Maria Concepcion Fabreo-Anda, a practicing and academic optometrist, tells us the importance of eye and vision in the workplace. Vision plays a vital role in workplace productivity. We learn about the Phillippine's occupational safety and health standards and their worker demographics. Occupational optometry is defined and how it relates to workplace productivity and health. We understand how the Phillippine's laws are laid out. She points out how every country will have similar laws and regulations. We review some of the stakeholders of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

We address the different workplace hazards that people should look out for using SAM (spot the hazard, assess the risk, make the changes). We learn about the classification of hazards in the workplace. We go over some of the common workplace vision problems. Dr. Fabreo-Anda explains in detail the computer vision syndrome (CVS). We talk about the following:

1. Definition of CVS (25:38)

2. Etiology of CVS (25:58)

3. Signs and symptoms (27:54)

4. Ergonomics (30:07) 5. Management (31:01)

An optometrist plays an essential role in occupational health. We review the responsibilities that an optometrist can perform for occupational health, which include:

1. Primary Eyecare (36:10)

2. Eye safety consultation (37:37)

3. Vision consultation (40:12)

4. COVID 19 (41:24)

We see some of the FDA and COVID 19 posters to create worker awareness. Some of the personal protective equipment are described in the talk. We conclude the session with a live Q and A session with the live audience.



Occupational Safety and health standards

Philippine Labor Force Survey

Preventing computer vision syndrome

Watch the complete session below:

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