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Clinching the Diagnosis with Perimetry | OOLS |

Dr. Priti Kamdar, a glaucoma specialist begins by explaining the importance of perimetry for the diagnosis of ocular conditions. She goes on to elaborate with case studies that help us understand how perimetry can be a crucial tool in a clinic.

1. Case 1 (02:45)

We learn about the Relative Afferent Pupillary Defect (RAPD) and the visual pathway damage that could lead to this defect.

2. Case 2 (12:32)

This case illustrates a sphenoidal ridge meningioma and its corresponding visual pathway damage.

3. Case 3 (18:22)

Dr. Kamdar used visual fields to diagnose a right-sided congruous homonymous quadrantanopia

4. Case 4 (26:06)

A visual field leads to the diagnosis of a pituitary tumor displayed with non-congruous bitemporal hemianopia.

5. Case 5 (34:10)

We learn about the ischemic optic neuropathy and altitudinal defect in visual fields. Lastly, she concludes with some very important take-home messages for eyecare practitioners.

The session ends with a Q and A session for the live audience.

Watch the complete session below:

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