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Dr. Daddi Fadel, a practicing optometrist, and a contact lens expert begins by defining the scleral lens, stating its advantages and contraindications. She dives straight into explaining the three-step scleral lens fitting process.

1. Patient selection (07:58)

a. No age limit (09:44)

b. Anomalies of corneal endothelium (10:08)

c. Diabetic or immunocompromised patients (11:25)

d. Glaucoma (11:40)

e. Sports contraindications (13:25)

f. Ocular Examination (14:06)

2. Trial lens selection (17:18)

a. Diameter (18:05)

b. Lens sagittal height (22:50)

3. Observation (24:50)

a. Center corneal clearance (26:34)

b. Peripheral corneal clearance (27:22)

c. Limbal clearance (27:54)

d. Blanching vs indentation (28:58)

e. Scleral toricity (32:24)

f. Edge fitting (41:30)

Dr. Fadel shows us the different patterns that we may see on fitting spherical scleral lenses on a toric sclera. We also discuss ordering the lens and the schedule for re-assessment of the lens fit. Lastly, we learn some tips and tricks for fitting scleral lenses

1. Air Bubbles (45:04)

2. Lens application techniques and devices (46:25)

3. Lens removal techniques and devices (53:32)

4. Debris or Midday fogging (55:44)

5. Poor wettability (56:05)

6. Light and observation when assessing the lens (59:30)

7. Empathetic Communication (58:55)

We conclude the session with some resources available for the audience. The session ends with a Q and A section for the live audience.



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Contact Lens Spectrum – Scleral lenses: Prepare for landing. Fadel, D.

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