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Basics of Conducting Research in Optometry | OOLS |

Optom. Keyur Savla, an optometrist and a researcher begins by explaining what is research? He states that a scientific question or an area of research is the first step of research. He briefly mentions the need for resources/approval and lastly the proposal to publication journey.

1. Basic of research

a. Scientific question (6:45)

b. Resources (07:58)

2. Literature review (09:57)

a. Steps to conduct a literature review (19:25)

b. Tips for a literature review (22:52)

c. Anatomy and physiology of a research paper (25:51)

3. Resources and approvals (29:17)

4. Proposal writing (34:18)

a. What is a research proposal (35:21)

b. Importance of a research proposal (36:21)

c. Writing a research proposal (37:43)

5. Collaborations (42:27)

6. Publishing (48:26)

We conclude the session with some very interesting questions from the live audience.

Watch the complete session below:

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